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Machine wrappers

ILP have been supplying the Robopac range of Machine Stretch Wrappers to our customer base for the last 14 years.


The Robopac wrappers are manufactured by Aetna UK in Italy and have proven performance levels globally. This reliable and consistent performance is supported by the positive feedback from our customers.


The Robopac has allowed us to achieve stretch levels of 200% to 300% for our customers to ensure minimum film use/cost.


All servicing and parts are based at Aetna's UK base in Oakley Bedford and are not on extended lead times outside of the UK.


We can offer advice on installing new or replacing existing stretch wrapping machines which includes:


Interlink supply, set up, train and monitor Robopac Wrappers use once they have been installed. This ensures our customers achieve the targeted stretch film performance levels, savings and payback objectives.

We can help you improve the performance of your current machinery.


PHONE: 01954 715100

Turntable Robopac Wrapper