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Hand stretch film

There are 3 main types of Hand Stretch Film available in the UK market and Interlink Packaging stocks the most advanced and cost effective range available.


We can offer expert advice on the most appropriate film for the application.


All Interlink Hand Films are valuable in a Standard Flush core or Extended Core for extra operator grip.


Pre Stretched Hand Stretch Films

Interlink was one of the first suppliers of Pre Stretched Hand Films into the UK market in 2000. Our 14 years' experience means we are able to ensure the successful application of this film in a diverse range of market sectors from logistics, food, drink, chemicals and a comprehensive range of end users.


Pre Stretched Hand Film comes in thicknesses from 7 micron to 9 micron. 


We can supply these films on cores or coreless with applicators.


Blown Hand Stretch Film

This type of film has been supplied into the UK market since 1977. At that time film thicknesses began at 30 micron. They are now down to 12 micron but are increasingly being replaced by thinner Pre Stretched Films which can maintain load holding forces for longer, have a reduced cost per reel and lower packaging waste.


The key features of this film are high stretch, puncture and adhesive/cling levels.


Our range covers 400/500mm width films in film thicknesses from 12mu to 20mu. 


Cast Hand Stretch Film

Cast Hand Film offers an alternative to Blown Hand film. The key features of this film are good load retention, quiet application and high clarity.


Our range covers 400/500mm width films in film thicknesses from 12mu to 20mu.

We can help you improve the performance of your current machinery.


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Hand stretch film