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Environmental policy

In all areas of activity Interlink Packaging UK Ltd will seek to have a positive impact upon the environment. We will pro-actively try to reduce our customers’ use of stretch film, so reducing packaging waste.


Environmental Impact of Products              

As a specialist supplier of pallet stretch films Interlink Packaging will contribute positively to the environment, through promoting the use of stronger thinner stretch films. This will bring many environmental benefits.


Reducing Customers Stretch Film waste              

Reducing Customers Corrugated Waste 

Reducing Vehicle Trips / Fuel emissions              

Environmental Impact of Suppliers              

Interlink Packaging UK Ltd will work with suppliers who contribute positively to the environment in their area of activity.


We can help you improve the performance of your current machinery.


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"The approach taken by Interlink Packaging has always being very proactive and they build their business  on continuous improvement and the development of their products, whilst bearing in mind the ultimate goal that we all have which is cost and the impact we have on our environment."




Recycling waste